Chris Scarlat


Copenhagen, Denmark / Amsterdam, The Netherlands / Seoul, South Korea / Berlin, Germany


Branding, Rebranding


Technology, Education, Design, Conference, Health, Media, Entertainment


since 1998

IEHANA Cosmetics — Bucharest, Romania 2019

Montag Magazine — Berlin, Germany 2017

Hamburg Stream — Hamburg, Germany 2020

Luxury Dining with Food Storytelling — Brasov Romania 2018

The College of Extraordinary Experiences, Experience Design Event — Copenhagen, Denmark 2016

1618 Natural Design Jewelry — Wroclaw, Poland 2017

FinanceFox, WeFox, Insurance App — Zurich Switzerland 2015

MOONBASE™, The Social-First Agency for Category Leaders — Berlin, Germany 2019

Detect Classic Festival, the 2nd Edition,
— Berlin, Germany, 2017

Amazon Credit Card Germany
— Munich, Germany, 2019

Thiago Lima, Training
— Sydney, Australia, 2018

Health Quotient — Melbourne, Australia, 2018

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I have never experienced this before. The amount of creativity and especially his ability to involve me and our company in his train of thought that was completely based on our own creative ideas lifted the company to a new level and some great insights. Chris even got us to change the name of the company (very wise decision). If all you are looking for is someone to sketch out your own ideas, I think you are too late. You should have contacted Chris weeks ago because especially the entire creative process he leads you through is something you want to experience at least once in your lifetime!

Felix LepoutreCo-Founder TipTrace, Senior Developer