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Berlin, Germany


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Detect Classic Festival Berlin, is a 3 year old festival meant to allow classical and electronic musicians join energy into a unique event. It had over 300 musicians on one edition and people from all over the world joined to enjoy the symbiosis.

We started with choosing two colors for the rebranding, Pomegranate Orange for the Classical Music, and Electric Violet for the Electronic Music.



Electric Violet


As for the Logo, we used the initial D and the concept of Detector/Radar, and we created the first element. Imemdiately after we also added the C from Classic.

Before and after

Everything else came out pretty easy by following the patterns we described earlier. The colors and the symbols.

We created a series of simple posters and added an AR layer to add more details and a  bit of mystery.

And in the last steps, we created the social media elements, with maps for all the areas our musicians will perform.